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Before-122x300After-166x300This is me, Sharon Cargill, aged 55, weighing 18stone, wearing size 24-26 clothes. After years of trying every diet there is and spending hundreds of pounds on shakes, soups and slimming clubs I had had enough. I picked up the phone and spoke to the girls at Tonic Clinic. I asked lots of questions and each one was answered with enthusiasm and professionalism. An appointment was made to see Chris Sutton on Harley Street and I began a journey that I will never forget! My husband came with me to the appointment and listened to what Chris had to say. He recommended that, considering my eating and dieting history, I should have a gastric bypass. I met Jordan who reassured me and talked me through the procedure. On February 2014 I was chauffer driven to The Spire hospital Leicester for my operation. I spent 4 days in hospital and the Nursing staff were so professional and knowledgeable. I met the Dietician who gave me lots of information and explained how I would start fluids and then slowly progress to soft food, and now I can eat small portions of almost all types of food. The Nurse, the Dietician and the girls in the clinic have been fantastic. They have always been at the end of the phone, reassuring and encouraging. The aftercare by the Clinic has been second to none. I have felt part of a family and I know if I have any problems now or in the future they will be there for me.
A year later, the advantages are amazing. I have lost 6 stone 7 pounds, with another stone and a half to go, I now wear size 14-16 clothes. My life has completely turned around. I feel fitter, I have more energy and. I don’t feel I have to apologise for my size anymore. I eat to live not live to eat.
I would recommend Chris and his team every time for their professionalism, knowledge and empathy. If you are struggling to lose weight, ring Tonic Clinic and have a chat you won’t regret.

Sharon Cargill Testimonial

Lauren-Franks-After-111x300 Lauren-Franks-Before-145x300

“I’m so proud of myself, but it’s still work in progress! I’ll get there! But 9.5 stone, I’m happy with that!”


Lauren Franks Testimonial

There I was two family weddings past and still a size 22 after a lifetime of diets, pills boot camps and starvation.  One phone call to TONIC and my slim future awaited me. Consultation with the surgeon was organised and he was supportive and spoke with care and kindness whilst imparting medical information. No pressure just the facts and predicted results.   sue_afterNo sales talk here just medical facts. Everything was arranged; transport to and from hospital, blood tests literature was given again and everything explained.

After surgery the same care and support was available when needed.  Although all was explained before my procedure I still did not fully understand and needed it explaining over again. This was done with kindness and patience with the understanding of where I was at as a patient.  The reassurance and patience has continued whenever I have needed it and I have successfully lost over 6 stone in 10 months following surgery.

My health has improved 100% and whilst my friends of the same age are facing hip and knee replacements and blood tests every week, I’m planning my next scuba diving holiday as a size 10.sue_before

It was a fortuitous phone call from TONIC but I can honestly say it changed by life and gave me back my confidence to face the world and not hide because of my size.advise and seek and gain support from all at TONIC. I rely on a lot of experts in my life, my dentist my GP the guys who do my nails and hair and TONIC is my expert for my weight as they monitor for 2 years and continue with the support and assistance.

There is a whole team approach with TONIC and you feel part of a family not part of a production line. There lies the difference between TONIC and other weight loss companies. I recommend TONIC as all you have to lose is your excess weight .

Sue Cunningham

I want to say the biggest thanks possible to everyone.Kieran-Merry-300x300

With the help of the entire team, and the best care at the hospital, I have achieved something I never believed possible. From having my sleeve gastrectomy done in May 2015, to now – October 2015, I have lost an incredible 7 stone. Alongside this I have also dropped 12″ off of my waist and dropped 3 top sizes.

I knew having such a big procedure done was going to change my life, I also knew there were going to be so many challenges too. But I never expected to achieve something so amazing so soon.

Before having the gastrectomy, I read every story on every corner of the Internet including the tonic website trying to piece together everyone’s experience of this procedure. Nothing I found would compare to the experience I have had, it has been hard learning new eating habits and drowning out the old ones. It’s also been hard for me to go from big portions to absolutely tiny portions. I think the biggest struggle has been such a dramatic change in appetite and not enjoying some of the foods I did before.

But despite hard times, every time I look in the mirror I am reminded how lucky I am. Being only 20, this was the biggest decision I have been faced with and the biggest challenge I’ve ever had. Every single person I have came into contact with at tonic have been so helpful and have made this journey so much easier and pleasurable

I would recommend the team and this procedure to anyone who feels they want to change their life and be healthier.

Thanks again, the job each and every person does at tonic is so admirable and significant.

Kieran Merry

Tina SaxonHi I am Tina and my story is probably very similar to everyone else who is considering any weight loss surgery.  I was a fat child over fed and unhappy.  My first diet was when I was 12 years old.  I was determined to be like most of my friends – not fat – not skinny – just normal.  I lost 3 and a half stone at 12 and remember feeling so good and so proud of myself and felt happy, but that did not last very long.  I would say that within a year I went back to my normal eating habits and the weight went back on and that is when my yo – yo dieting of misery began.  This carried on for years going up and down in weight and always feeling I was forever on a diet and still end up being fat!!! so at the age of 39 due to my dear father passing I was fortunate to be left some extra money for me and my children so  I decided that I would spend my share on a gastric band. I knew at 14 stone the nhs would never fund it so I thought that this was my last chance.  Anyway I went through every weight loss surgery clinic and had numerous appointments but they all seemed so mechanic – like they were practicing their words every day it just did not ring true until I found Kay and her team……

As soon as I met Kay and Chris I felt at ease like they were actually talking to me not a fat robot!!  Anyway I decided to go ahead and I really have never looked back.  Kay and her team have always called me to see how I was doing, always there to help and told me so!!  I have lost a total of 5 stone maybe up and down half a stone but having a gastic band really did make me the person I always longed to be because I wasn’t just a number but a person who has struggled for years over weight and they understood and were always there to advise me on any problems.
The only advise I can give is that no weight loss surgery is a miracle worker and you really do have to work with the band.  It may take some time getting the band to be at the right stage but it worked for me and I’m sure it can work for you.  It’s all trial and error and if your patient and determined you will feel the way me and lots of other people do but you have to have the right partnership and Tonic was really good for me.
Good Luck,


Tina Saxon

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