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Revisional Surgery

  • Conversion Band to bypass
  • Conversion Sleeve to bypass

Banded Gastric Bypass


There can be cases of weight regain or insufficient weight loss after a Gastric Bypass has taken place. In order to add more restriction or malabsorption, two potential procedures to consider are conversion of Laparoscopic Band to either a bypass or a sleeve.

In the  case of weight regain, or insufficient weight loss, a conversion or also called revisional  surgery from an initial  weight loss operation to a Gastric Bypass is certainly possible.

In most cases a conversion of an adjustable gastric banding to a Gastric Bypass can take place in one procedure. There are circumstances where  two interventions are necessary and this is when the gastric wall of your stomach where the band has been placed, is too fragile to form a new connection between your small bowel and that part of your upper stomach where the band was placed.

Here at Tonic we understand and cater to each individual patient’s needs. We aim to support, guide and help you reach your ultimate weight goal and also offer you the best aftercare services.

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