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What Is A Laparoscopy?

Though many gastrointestinal disorders can be treated successfully with lifestyle changes or medications, some conditions may require surgery. Laparoscopic surgery is basically minimally invasive surgery performed through a ‘keyhole’.

This type of surgery is commonly used to treat diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Laparoscopic surgery is typically performed through “keyhole” incisions in the abdomen and as a result, the person undergoing the procedure may experience less pain and scarring after surgery as well as a more rapid recovery.

How Is A Laparoscopy Performed?

When a Laparoscopy is performed three or more small (5-10 mm) incisions are made in the abdomen to allow small access ports to be inserted into the abdominal cavity. A flexible tube known as a laparoscope and surgical instruments are then inserted through these ports. The surgeon uses the laparoscope to light up and transmit images of the abdominal cavity and organs on a video monitor and then uses the other available ports to insert specialist instruments and perform surgery.

Are There Any Risks Associated With A Laparoscopy?

All surgery involves an element of risk from developing complications. Risks such as bleeding, delayed healing, scarring, infection, nausea and vomiting, bowel perforation or leakage will all be discussed openly at consultation with your surgeon, as well as his scrupulous efforts to manage and minimise these risks to their lowest potential.

Although Laparoscopy surgery is very regularly performed without any complications, all surgery, no mater how expertly or carefully it is performed, carries risks. The importance of a full evaluation and consultation to discuss your understanding and expectations in relation to these risks cannot therefore be over emphasised.

How Do You Find Out If You Are A Suitable Candidate For Laparoscopy Surgery?

At East Midlands Bariatric Unit we understand the significant importance of the Laparoscopy procedure you are considering and will spend time with you in consultation examining your problem in detail and considering the very best surgical option for you.

How Do You Make A Consultation Appointment?

At consultation you will be given both detailed information about the treatment options you are suitable for and encouraged to ask as many questions as you would like. If after careful consideration you decide to have a laparoscopy, then you will be treated swiftly at a time schedule to suit your personal needs and obligations.

If you would like to find out more about Laparoscopy surgery and discover if you are a suitable candidate for this procedure, please telephone or email the Easy Midlands Bariatric Unit to organise a consultation appointment

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