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Do You Qualify?


Do You Qualify For Bariatric Surgery?

Knowing you meet medical guidelines to qualify for weight loss surgery is an important step in your decision-making process to think more seriously about bariatric surgery.

The recognised guidelines that qualify you for surgery are simple and straightforward and have been set by the UK government health advisory body, the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE).

The guidelines are as follows:-

You have a BMI over 40 kg/m², or BMI over 35kg/m² and have an obesity-related disease
You are aged 18 or over (some centres set an upper age limit of 60)
You have tried other weight loss treatments without permanent success
You do not have any specific metabolic or psychological reason for your obesity
You have sufficient understanding of the procedure and the changes it will produce
You now feel strongly motivated to undergo a weight loss procedure and the lifestyle change it will entail

How Overweight Are You?

People are becoming more and more overweight throughout the world. To measure this, experts now talk about your BMI, or body mass index. This is calculated by dividing your weight in kg by your height in metres, twice. Here are some basic definitions to help you understand and calculate your BMI statistics:-

BMI less than 18 kg/m² Underweight
BMI 18 – 25 kg.m²           Normal
BMI 25 – 30 kg/m²          Overweight
BMI 30 – 35 kg/m²          Obese
BMI 35 – 40 kg/m²          Severely obese
BMI over 40 kg/m²        Morbidly obese
BMI over 50kg/m²         Super obese
BMI over 60kg/m²         Super-super obese

To find out exactly what your own BMI is, please use the BMI calculator opposite.

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